Farm Stay USA

Bonne Terre Louisiana is a member of Farm Stay USA – a network of Farms offering farm vacations across the country.

There are only TWO members in Louisiana!

What is a Farm Stay?

Farm vacations are well known around the world but not so for many Americans. While farmers markets bring fresh food to the city, farm stays invite guests to stay overnight in the country and experience the lifestyle – for a night, for a weekend, or more.

With lodging ranging from rustic to luxury and from farm houses to tents, there is an experience for everyone looking for connections to their food, fresh air, and the countryside. It’s about the rural experience and putting a personal face and story to farming.

It is Personal at Bonne Terre.

What can guests expect at our Farm Stay? Guests will experience a pleasant, leisurely stay with no farm responsibilities, unless they elect to have some. Personalized scheduled farm tours are offered, and weather /or time permitting, guests may help with basic farm chores, such as gathering eggs from our four different flocks of chickens, feeding critters and, when in season, harvesting fruits and vegetables.

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